Spirit Within Club could have been sickeningly sweet if Sabati had chosen to make her kids all do-gooders with hearts of gold. Instead, the kids face (and sometimes give in to) many of the temptations that tweens and young teens face. Telling lies, stealing, and acting out in class are some of the ways they get themselves in trouble, but they learn what they must do to correct or make up for bad situations they create, and how to avoid making the same mistakes again.

By Kathryn E. Etier, Vine Voice

While perhaps mainly aimed towards the younger readers, this book still is a worthwhile read for an older audience. Each chapter, while short, contains some gem of life advice that can be applied to everyone, old or young. The story itself presents everyday events in the lives of a group of friends, with things that might happen in your own life. How would you act in that situation? A good book to read together with the family, reflecting on the concepts presented.

By Borna Safai

This is a well written book with lots of useful lessons. I enjoyed looking at life lessons through the eyes of the “characters”. As an adult, the book allowed me to see what challenges kids go through. The book is very inspirational and encouraging on how to deal with issues for the younger generation. Well written, educational, entertaining, and inspirational.

By Navid Sabati

A creepy primer of paranormal stories with twisted unexpected endings, this chilling little book by Sahar Sabati is perfect for those first time readers of horror not looking for a blood-soaked visceral experience. Instead, the collection’s appeal is in its ordinary recognisable characters and Sabati’s reflection on the spooky and disturbing anomalies that touch our every day: the family spied sharing a moment at MacDonalds, the chance encounter on a bus, a stop by the pharmacy, and an open closet door. Perfect for Halloween, after reading these tales, a drive in the fog will never be quite the same again.

By Lee Murray, author of A Dash of Reality

Well written and intriguing, this collection of short stories is a quick read for anyone interested in reading something a little spooky for the Halloween season. Laced with mysteries and twists, the dialog between the characters is believable, and the way the author expressed emotion felt real (I especially liked the nurse’s tale on the bus and the short story on Karma). This is not a book filled with tales of gore and horror. The short stories are filled with suspense and mystery, with a touch of the paranormal, that kept me engaged and wondering “who done it? what? how?”. Well done Sahar!

By Sieni A.M., author of Scar of the Bamboo Leaf

At least two of these moved me to tears. I won’t claim to remember which ones, and anyway, the collection is so well-integrated, I don’t think one could have had this effect without the others. “A Part that Will Never Part” might change the way you think about the real meaning of love and cause you to question whether you put walls around it in the wrong places. Few might find themselves in his exact situation, but everyone can relate to the fears of the father in “The Palm of a Father’s Hand”. His joy can be theirs too, inside of the story and in their own lives. “Gentle Eyes” and “A Veil Away” paint soft-focus and sharp portraits of love in life before and after death. “The End and the Beginning” reminds us that love is like a little plant that can grow with the right soil, light and care. “Love (in a World of Sludge)” is a weird and wonderful ending. And “I Am with You Always” might, as it did to me, keep you up at night after you finish reading, the title echoing as a refrain in your head.

By Melissa Erin Knudtson

A great collection that explores what it means to love and be loved. I highly recommend taking the time to curl up in a corner and immerse yourself in these beautiful stories, poems and LOVE.

By Chelsea Miller

Poignant and interesting collection of stories that opens up an in depth discussion on family life and all that that entails. Warp and Woof is brilliant and thought-provoking. A great start to a much needed dialog about the importance of relationships and marriage in this day and age. Full of advice and lofty conversations that will make you pause and think, this is a short story collection that will stay with you long after you’ve finished. Highly recommended for readers looking for an alternative to the regular dating scene.

By Sieni A.M., author of Scar of the Bamboo Leaf

This book is really interesting and informative. The way it approaches topics will give you pause for thought – and it is worth reading for that alone! Everything is worded really well and gave me a great impression of the author. I will be checking out more work by Sahar soon.

By Samie Sands