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Chills Love Warp and Woof
Chills: A Short Story Collection Love: A Short Story Collection Warp and Woof: A Short Story Collection
Close the shutters, lock the doors, pull the covers up around your neck and grab a mug of tea – this book is a quick read, and one that you won’t want to put down.

Summer Prescott

I was enthralled from the moment I started the first story in the book, and my attention was kept throughout until I ended up finishing the book in one go. – See more at:

Sophie, Reviewed The Book

A brilliantly scary debut by Sahar Sabati- thankfully without the gore! My Verdict: A Scary Short story collection- READ it!

Aditi Nichani, A Thousand Words A Million Books

It takes talent to write a good short story that is really scary, but Sahar Sabati accomplished just that. Props to her!

Kelsey Harris, Progress is Peace

A creepy primer of paranormal stories with twisted unexpected endings, this chilling little book of stories by Sahar Sabati is perfect for those first time readers of horror not looking for a blood-soaked visceral experience. Instead, the collection’s appeal is in its ordinary recognisable characters and Sabati’s reflection on the spooky and disturbing anomalies that touch our every day.

Lee Murray, Author of Misplaced

At least two of these moved me to tears…
The collection is so well-integrated, I don’t
think one could have had this effect without
the others.

Melissa Erin Knudtson, Amazon Review

Fantastic, thought-provoking collection. Highly Reccommend! A great collection that explores
what it means to love and be loved. I highly
recommend taking the time to curl up in
a corner and immerse yourself in these
beautiful stories, poems and LOVE.

Chelsea Miller, Amazon Review

Poignant and interesting collection of stories that opens up an in depth discussion on family life and all that that entails. Warp and Woof is brilliant and thought-provoking.

Sieni A.M., Amazon Review

This book is really interesting and informative. The way it approaches topics will give you pause for thought – and it is worth reading for that alone!

Samie Sands, Amazon Review

All in all, a fantastic read! Wonderfully therapeutic and really makes you think about your own life and issues and the relationships around and within you.

Hebe, No Twerking Here Please

If you’re looking for a collection of short stories that is enjoyable, can bring a smile of recognition to your face and is a fun and insightful read, this is a fantastic choice.

Laura Seeber, Writer’s Thread 

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