Spirit Within Club Series

Spirit Within
Club Series,
Volume 1
Spirit Within
Club Series,
Volume 2
Spirit Within Club by Sahar Sabati SWC2 Cover Small
“Bravo for this lovely, slim volume that should sit under the Christmas tree for all young readers. It’s about 10-year-olds but is appropriate for ages as young as eight.”

–Lynn Voedisch, Blogcritics

“Preteen and early teen years are a time when things cease being black and white, and there are more questions than answers. Spirit Within Club portrays a year in the life of kids who are trying to find answers for and about themselves, and introduces an array of thought-provoking questions that will help real kids discover the meaning of responsibility, friendship, and tolerance. Its lessons in social ethics and spiritual development are a bonus.”

–Kathryn E. Etier, Technorati

The writer was spot on with only taking one to make a difference and we all must take that first step. Well, seven friends have taken that first step. Who and how many can we add to it?”

–Bethanie, Bethanie’s Books

Arwen’s schoolwork and coaching duties are increasing substantially; to make it worse, his parents are having marriage problems.  Ghada is struggling to choose between what her Bahá’í Faith teaches and what magazines, television, and movies invite her to do.  Being part of the Spirit Within Club is taking its toll on Egan’s friendships at the Buddhist Temple.  The club’s newest member, MaSovaida, doesn’t understand why the house of a devout Christian family like hers was robbed.

After the initial success of their club, launched only a year ago, a group of eleven-year-old friends realise that making the world a better place entails a whole new set of challenges. But when they start widening their circle – of friends, mentors, and activities – they realise that their power and influence can only increase.


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