Spirit Within Club Series

Spirit Within
Club Series,
Volume 1
Spirit Within
Club Series,
Volume 2
Spirit Within Club by Sahar Sabati Coming Soon!
“Bravo for this lovely, slim volume that should sit under the Christmas tree for all young readers. It’s about 10-year-olds but is appropriate for ages as young as eight.”

–Lynn Voedisch, Blogcritics

“Preteen and early teen years are a time when things cease being black and white, and there are more questions than answers. Spirit Within Club portrays a year in the life of kids who are trying to find answers for and about themselves, and introduces an array of thought-provoking questions that will help real kids discover the meaning of responsibility, friendship, and tolerance. Its lessons in social ethics and spiritual development are a bonus.”

–Kathryn E. Etier, Technorati

The writer was spot on with only taking one to make a difference and we all must take that first step. Well, seven friends have taken that first step. Who and how many can we add to it?”

–Bethanie, Bethanie’s Books